Cable de altavoz compuesto por 19 hilos de cobre libre de oxigeno con estructura linear de carbon única de Van den Hul. Aislado por un material especial llamado Hulliflex.
The SKYLINE HYBRID is an elegant small twin conductor loudspeaker cable with outstanding qualities. The SKYLINE HYBRID is a low priced member of our AWG 14 twin-lead loudspeaker cable range which consists of The GOLDWATER, The CLEARWATER, The BRIDGE, The SNOWLINE, The CLEARLINE and The SKYLINE HYBRID. The SKYLINE HYBRID is the only Hybrid cable in this range: Each lead combines 19 high purity Oxygen Free Copper strands with a coating containing our Linear Structured Carbon Ž; This combination of metal and carbon (hybrid technology) has excellent properties when it comes to resolution and neutrality, and therefore is standard applied in all of our heavier loudspeaker cables. The SKYLINE HYBRID has been designed to be less flexible than its above mentioned colleagues, reflecting its aim to be used in more permanent high quality loudspeaker wiring applications. The SKYLINE HYBRID is 8.5 mm. wide and 3.4 mm. thick. Each of its two 2.04 mm˛ conductors exhibit a resistance of 0.84 Ohm/100 m. The cable’s jacket is made of sky-blue coloured HULLIFLEX Ž 3, a robust halogen free material excellently capable of shielding the copper conductors from the chemically threatening outside world. The cable’s sky-blue colour quite accurately represents its sonic character: as clear as a cloudless blue sky. In our program we also have a quadruple lead / bi-wiring version of this cable, named The SKYTRACK HYBRID, available. The insulation of both conductors has a different shape: one is round and the other has two edges with type printing on the flat surface: the most simple polarity finder you can think off. Type printing at 25 cm. (10″) distance facilitates cutting of lengths. The SKYLINE HYBRID is available: In any length with, as desired, either our 3.0 mm. Ř cable entrance diameter Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors or our DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors mounted. On 100 m. reels: Shipping: 1 x 100 m. reel in a 255 x 255 x 205 mm. box with a total shipping weight of 6.2 kg. 2 x 100 m. reel in a 255 x 255 x 205 mm. box with a total shipping weight of 13.2 kg. Specifications: The SKYLINE HYBRID Cable Type: Twin conductor Conductor Material: HYBRID: High purity OFC + Linear Structured Carbon Ž saturated layer(s) Design Purpose / Application Area(s): Loudspeaker cable Eff. Conductor Ř / Eq. AWG No. / Strands: 2x(2.04 mm˛ / ~AWG 14 / 19) External Diameter / -Dimensions: 8.5 mm. wide; 3.4 mm. thick Resistance (20 °C / 68 °F): 0.84 Ohm/100 m. Capacitance: 46 pF/m. Characteristic Impedance: – Insulation / Dielectric Strength / Test Voltage: Jacket: HULLIFLEX Ž 3 / 300 Vrms min. Connector Types Suitable: Our 3.0 mm. Ř cable entrance diameter Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors or our DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors; Both custom mountable on ordered lengths. Standard Sales Units / -Lengths: 100 m. reels; With connectors mounted to specifications: any length; Without connectors: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country. Jacket Colour(s) Available: Sky blue Remarks: Our The SKYTRACK HYBRID is a quadruple lead / bi-wiring version of this cable. Other twin-lead speaker cables in our AWG 14 range are: The CLEARLINE, The SNOWLINE, The BRIDGE, The CLEARWATER and The GOLDWATER.


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